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I’ve spent the past 5 years working at Klarna – a leading payment provider and bank.

I joined as a consultant in 2017 to work with rebranding the company.

Before long I took on my current role – design lead for payments, the foundational offerings at Klarna:

Leadership in design can mean many different things and needs to evolve over time. A few thing I’ve focused on in this capacity have been:

Below are a few examples* of things I’ve had a hand in launching.

* Full case studies available on request

Pay in 4.

Low friction part payments

Klarna initially struggled with traction in the US. The payment products weren’t fully resonating with users.

Pay in 4 is a new product, tailored for the preferences of US customers. It allows users to split payments in 4 interest free installments, debited automatically from their cards.

CO₂ tracker.

Making emissions understandable

The CO₂ tracker is an in app feature that makes it easier to shop sustainably. By calculating and visualizing emissions they become more relatable.

We partnered with Doconomy, to get accurate CO₂ calculations, as well as Milkywire to make it simple to support impactful initiatives.

To Pay.

Creating clarity & flexibility

The To Pay view is where users of the Klarna app can see all payments that are due. From here they can take action and either pay, or change how to pay for a purchase. It’s a foundational set of features and one of the most commonly used views in the app.

Email Design System.

A solution for clear, global communication

Klarna’s users expect clear communications regarding their purchases. As a result we send over 30 million purchase and payments related emails every week.

We’ve recently created a full design system to ensure consistency and scalability as we move in to more markets.

Financing 2.0.

Easier to understand installments

Klarna’s financing options offer great flexibility for our users. However, these products are often difficult to understand.

We created a new version that’s easier to comprehend and use. On the back end the new product also adds many features, making it more capable, secure and scalable.


Incentivising good behavior through fun

Even at Klarna we’re aware that settling your bills isn’t the most fun way to spend your time. Still, we wanted to make it as enjoyable as possible, while also rewarding responsible behavior in some way.

We created five little games that are playable in the app once you have paid all your bills.

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